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CrossFit Invermere

CrossFit and Bootcamp Classes — Strength and Olympic lifting programs



Hours: Monday through Friday 6am to 7:30pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Location: 1340 Industrial Rd, behind Pete’s Marina

Endeavor Fitness offers a strength and conditioning program in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

Anyone can CrossFit because everything is scaled to your current level of fitness. The best part is the supportive community, and positive environment in the gym. 97% of CrossFits are average individuals just like you, who become much, much more. Unlike a typical gym our certified, and experienced trainers will teach you how to do the movements safely and help motivate you to excel to your full potential. Your fellow athletes, yes thats you too, will cheer you on and encourage you to succeed. We offer nutritional coaching and run challenges throughout the year to keep you looking, and performing your best. We incorporate the use of weight lifting, kettlebells, dumbbells, plyometrics, body weight movements, running, biking  rowing, and what ever else we want to add to make the programming unique and improve your overall fitness.

What is CrossFit

You do not need to be a an elite athlete to start.  Our program is scalable to each individual regardless of age, weight, gender and previous injuries.  That being said, it’s all about progression and you can make the workouts more challenging and or scale movements as necessary.  All we ask of you is to throw away your list of excuses and don’t be intimidated to come through our doors. Be open minded to learn new skills and perhaps relearn how to lift weights safely and effectively,. We are here to teach you, motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself! Set a goal and chase it like we’re timing you!


  • CrossFit Classes offer personalized training in a group setting up to a maximum of twelve clients per group. Choose between, twice a week, three times per week or unlimited. (We also have  6 month and 12 month commitment rates)
  • Bootcamp Classes Monday through Friday from 6am-7am and or Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Bootcamp focuses on cardio respiratory endurance without the heavy weights. This perfect class for beginners and youth.

Classes starting at $89.25 per month

*Personalized programs also available

Other Services

  • Nutritional Planning including one hour information session, shopping list, macro allowances, portions, body fat test, measurements and follow-up assessment.


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