Columbia Valley Cycling Society


Since inception in 2006, the non-profit CVCS has developed the contacts, formed the relationships, signed the contracts, and got work done on the ground.
Advocating for trail access is a time consuming process, but one that we’re committed to.

As a member club of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), we build our trails to meet or exceed their sustainability and ride-quality guidelines. Building trails to this high standard requires a significant amount of work, and depends heavily on volunteer labour from people like you.

We also actively seek grants, donations, and other funding opportunities to pay for professional trail maintenance and construction.

Club administration is done entirely by passionate volunteers, and all funding raised goes directly into local trails and the local economy.

Our board and membership base is comprised of passionate people who are professionals or experts in, but not limited to: trail design and building; GIS map making; communications; chartered accounting; professional engineering; project supervision; event planning; grant writing; and business administration


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